Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen is the liquefied form of nitrogen which is commercially produced by fractional distilllation of liquid air. At normal pressure, liquid nitrogen boils at −195.8°C. Thanks to this unique physical characteristic, it is used for many cooling and cryogenic applications.

This technology is also very closely connected and essential for Artificial Inseminaton because it allows to freeze and preserve the semen for hundreds of years without a damage. LN is neccessary for the distribution and manipulation with the insemination doses, as the semen must not be thawed until its application.

Currently, the accessibility of LN in Zambia is very low. There are only a few places which are supplying it which has a limiting effect on development of Artificial Insemination and cattle breeding. Therefore, we have decided to connect with Afrox, the main Zambian supplier of LN, and create an additional LN selling point in our offices in Lusaka showgrounds.

In the furure, as the market with Artificial Insemination develops, we would like to start a regular distribution of the LN on provincional level so our services an reach more clients.

Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic and his Zambian counterpart Given Lubinda. They are opening working of liquid nitrogen storage in Breeding Impuls Zambia place of business in Lusaka.


In March 2016 was opened the sale of liquid nitrogen.